Stocking Stuffer Holiday Gift Guide

The Christmas stockings are still empty and you’re seriously thinking of shoving some Ferrero Rocher chocolates in them. After all, everyone loves chocolate, right?

You quickly flashback to the Christmas of 2015, when all of those fancy chocolate balls melted over the fireplace and you also managed to give everyone ants in addition to melted chocolate. Before you go shoving small liquor bottles and tabasco sauce in to those festive socks of holiday gift- giving havoc, refer to this easy guide!

Here is my stocking stuffer holiday gift guide organized by type that is sure to be a Christmas hit! In even better news- all items can be found at your local 🎯 Target (for you last minute shoppers) or shop online at!

Pssst- Most of my picks are $5-15!

The Beauty Lover

This person LOVES makeup. When a new eye shadow palette comes, it is at their doorstep by daybreak. They take long bubble baths and have all the latest beauty tools. You can’t beat her at her beauty game but you can join her and add to her collection. She will swoon over these very instagrammable, novelty items she can add to her existing collection.

The Fashionista

She is completely coordinated from head to toe. She has a bag for every outfit and and outfit for every occasion. She loves jewelry and accessories and has an arsenal to prove it. Cross body anyone? These are like socks, you can never have enough and they get lost so you new additions are always welcomed. An easy card slider is also a very stylish but helpful gift!

The Technology Buff

She has the latest iphone and loves her apps! She controls her entire home at the touch of a button. She sends out 10 emails before her morning coffee and talks to Siri more than her mother. Accessorize what she already has and give her the gift of organization! All those wires need order! My favorite pick is the Fabriq Alexa, exclusive to Target stores. That’s right, you can walk right in and score one of these little guys if you have procrastinated your Christmas shopping. You are welcome.

The Traveler

She is a jet-setter. She has more pins on the world map than a Christmas tree. She loves her neck pillow and has racked up enough miles to travel to Timbuktu! She will appreciate the gift of not untangling baubles on her fabulous trips and heading out the door without worrying about charging her phone because she has back up. Belkin back up, that is. Charge that baby three times over!



So there you have it, hope this helps you out! Click in “SHOP IT HERE” for purchasing links and have yourself a carefree, happy holiday! If you watched my BEAUTY BUZZ  morning segment on San Antonio’s Kens 5 leave a comment below and say hello!

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