How to Dress For an Interview and Nail It

It’s the night before your interview, and you’re prepared with every one of your responses to wow the interviewer. Be that as it may, before you even have an opportunity to state anything, they’ll as of now will have framed the first impression of you. So how would you indicate to them – without saying a word – that you have a place there?

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Regardless, what we wear has an effect. Despite the fact that interviews are stressful we can control more than we might suspect. The preparation is vital to guaranteeing the calmest interview, whether it’s in regards to your response to the inquiry, “Why would you like to work here?” or the outfit you wore.

Your clothing depicts your state of mind about the occupation and your identity – two things which are urgent to establishing a remarkable first impression.

Since what you wear for an interview is not a one size fits all circumstances, you should coordinate your attire to the organization style. Despite the fact that there are numerous sorts of occupations with numerous nuanced office styles, here are a few things to consider for your next interview.


➢Don’t be reluctant to ask: Many enrollment specialists will give you a heads-up before your interview about what to wear. In case you’re not advised what to wear, don’t freeze! Politely asking what might be proper to gage the way of life and style of the organization isn’t an awful thing. It may even win some brownie points with the recruiter by demonstrating to them how mindful and prepared you are.

➢Consider the work culture: Many start-ups – particularly ones with younger employees – have a more casual style. This is where mastering the art of business casual can come in handy. 

Here are some ideas to contemplate:

➢ Slacks and slightly more casual button downs are always a safe bet.

➢ Blouses are always a go-to for women but even a nice sweater could work, depending on the office environment.

➢ For women, you can swap the traditional heels for some cute flats to have a more casual outfit. Thanks to the hipsters, tennis shoes are much more widely accepted in the workplace. Fistbump!

➢ Don’t be afraid to add a bit of color! This could mean a nice watch with a bright colored band, a button down with a lovely colored print, or some jewelry with color. Putting in some color could make you more memorable amidst all the traditional black and white, but remember: balance is essential. Don’t overdo it and risk distracting your interviewer or looking unprofessional.

Although in some cases casual outfits are appropriate, remember that it’s always better to be a little over-dressed, than under-dressed. 
On the other hand, traditional offices in fields like accounting or investment banking often have a more conservative and formal office style. 
For that, here are some things to consider:
➢ Suits are the best and safest bet, find one that fits right, and it could last you a lifetime.

➢ Just because a suit is a necessity, doesn’t mean your personality takes a back seat. A button down with a simple print or small accessory might do the trick.

 ➢Make your inquiry & don’t break your wallet: There are many places to find inspiration for interview looks. Finding a great look that feels both professional and fitting to your style will be crucial in making you feel comfortable and confident. Pinterest people! 

➢ Now that you have a better understanding of what to wear, hit the online shops to make your outfit dreams come to life. Go to stores, such as Nordstrom, in person to try on business wear and see what makes you feel like your best self. 

➢If the price is too high, that’s ok. Finding what looks good on you is key. From there you can find a version of that at your price range but now you at least know what you’re looking for. Finding inspiration from one source doesn’t mean you have to buy it from there. Try to find similar items at discounted prices online or at other stores.

➢ Consider how often you might wear something: Investing in a staple item, such as nice fitting black pants is worth the money. This is really important. I can safely say that I’ve never regretted getting a pricey, quality item and still use them all today. Feeling like a million bucks in a pantsuit that was a hundred bucks out of my price range always ended up being priceless! 
So get out there, pop in a tic tac and watch out for the coffee spillage! You got this!

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