Finding Balance & Setting Goals

Trying to attend to work tasks, family attention and even self-care can rapidly become overwhelming. Just about every adult needs to devote some time and attention to striking a comfortable balance between career and business success and having a life. According to a recent in American Sociological Review, most working adults struggle when it comes to caring for their career, themselves and their families.

Some people naturally make things balance out and roll smoothly through life, but most of us need to give it a little more thought. Finding balance is possible, and the strategies below can help you do just that.

As the new year draws close, adopt one or more of these ideas and see how much of a difference it makes in your life and for your packed schedule. New year, new goals!


Make Deliberate Choices

You have to work, feed the kids and even drive the speed limit (I have a speeding ticket to prove it, ay!), but you have lots of choices when it comes to how you get these and other tasks done. If your career or other activities are taking too much of your time, it may be time to revisit and assess – you could come out with an affirmation that you are on the right track and make a deliberate choice to continue. If, after some reflection, you realize you just aren’t happy where you are, you can begin to make plans that will help you improve your situation or change it entirely. Deliberate, well thought out decisions can help you find balance and ensure you are not dedicating your valuable time to things you simply don’t care enough to continue doing.

Say No

This one was a hard one for me. As a business owner I never wanted to say no but over time I have learned that I just need to say no to the right things. This simple word is a powerful tool when it comes to prioritizing and making sure the things you devote your time to are the things that matter most. When the school calls to ask you to send in cookies, say yes! When someone calls you to host, speak at AND give all of your business savvy secrets say no! Saying yes to be polite or to seem invested always backfires; saying no prevents you from overcommitting and allows you to reserve time for the things that are truly necessary.

Put it in Writing

Most people schedule work commitments on a calendar, I most certainly do! Start using this for other important things, too. From a standing date with your partner or spouse to an outing with the kids, you’ll know you need to reserve time if you commit to the outing on paper. Don’t forget yourself in the “important people” roundup – schedule that hair appointment, massage or yoga session and make it an irrevocable date to be sure you get there. Put it in writing!

Reduce Digital Distractions

Your smartphone is a lifeline for work, family and friends, but it can also wreak havoc on your ability to balance your life. According to the Harvard Business Review, taking time to turn off digital distractions, particularly when you spend time with family, can dramatically improve your quality of life. You don’t have to give up the phone or your habits entirely, but if Facebook is nibbling away at your time each day, backing off could free up a shocking amount of extra time.

Taking time to reflect on the true amount of time your obligations and habits take can help you make more time for the things you enjoy and the things that provide you with the most benefit. From work to home and even play, finding the right balance of commitments and benefits will help you truly enjoy every day.

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