BIRD: The Newest Ride Share To Hit San Antonio

Today was the first day that Bird scooters took over the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas.

Bird is the latest start up of former CEO of UBER, Travis Vanderzanden. This zippy, little scooter started on the west coast and has made it’s way across the nation. Popular with college campuses, it is quickly causing controversy and praise alike.

I had to see for myself (as I can be scooterly challenged), if even I could handle this convenient, mechanical joyride.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Download the app!

2. Register your email and link a card. (I used my Apple Pay which was really convenient. It will also ask you for your drivers license.

3. 16 years or older can ride.

4. Use the app to find a Bird near you. You will also be able to see if it is charged or not so be aware of occupying a scooter at a low battery percentage.

5. Ride and park anywhere. I mean anywhere. Ride it. Leave it.

Enjoy the ride and use this code for $5 off your first ride! Check out my Insta for the latest pics and video of my first BIRD ride!


You’re welcome!

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