I’m Alicia. Mother, serial entrepreneur, style and beauty expert and world traveler with a genuine love for helping others. I was born in Mexico and Texas raised in the coastal city of Corpus Christi, Texas. With a career driven by a passion for helping women match their inner and outer beauty, I built some brick and mortar beauty businesses from the ground up but more importantly built relationships over the years.


Since then I’ve added other businesses and achievements to the many hats I wear and learned that those connections to people lead to my not-so-small obsession with spreading success and sharing advice with others on how to propel their own lives to new heights.

StyleWhirl is my personal blog and new adventure as I approach my 40th year on this earth and share what that looks like for me.


Whether it’s through the writing of my makeup book, volunteer efforts, starting new businesses that challenge my creativity and perseverance or working on someone’s image to help empower them to believe in themselves, I’ve always committed myself to continual personal and professional growth while navigating the journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Motherhood alone makes me qualified for pretty much everything in life! (I have three teens!)


One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How did you get where you are?”

       And honestly sometimes I ask myself that exact same question!


 For as long as I can remember, I’ve always discovered the genuine rewards of actually putting in the work, sidestepping short-cuts and building businesses that have had long-lasting, positive effects on individuals and the communities I serve. I mean, what mother doesn’t want a better world for their kids? A place where their girlfriends feel they belong? Or an environment that makes one feel more creative and driven? That is how I run my businesses, live my life and THAT IS MY PURPOSE.


From my Beauty Buzz segments on television to curating my boutique and operating my beauty bar and salon, I’ve found true joy in sharing tips to help others and working to elevate people’s lives with phenomenal style.


At 40, I don’t take for granted that it took me this long to find true love, figure out my style or finally get parenting right. (Sigh) I am thankful for the opportunities I have to be an example to others who may find themselves looking for a new life, new style or new self. Some things I have figured out (like makeup) and other things, I am still decoding (like how to manage people in my salon, double sigh!!LOL!).


StyleWhirl is my chance to combine my passion for writing and sharing my road map to success and failures with my clients and friends.



So whether you are a baby boomer, Gen X, millennial or even somewhere in between, this blog is your cup of hot coffee, tall glass of lemonade or refreshing whiskey sour. 


If you made it this far, just know that I love meeting good people and appreciate the support. So, nice to meet you! If you find something you like, send me a message! I want to hear from you and if you want to hear from me, please join my circle by subscribing!


The tips are free. The hustle is extra.