Chances are, you made your way here by seeing me on TV, stepped into my boutique, saw a facebook post or maybe even got your hair or makeup done by me. No matter how you made your way to my little corner of the internet, I’m so happy you’re here!


 StyleWhirl is a global lifestyle blog with so much matter-of-fact and useful tips, stories and visual artistic expression and just plain helpfulness. Are there sponsored posts? Yes. Are there helpful posts? Heck yes! This blog is about me doing the footwork for all my friends and clients whether it is to help you plan a trip, save for a trip or advice on this trip called life!



 StyleWhirl is inspired by my artistic addiction to good aesthetics and design, this site serves to provide my readers with motivation, inspiration and advice for styling your life through transformation. This site exists because when I was out there, in the big ole online world looking for advice and tips for my type of woman, I just couldn’t find it.

Through my 20’s, I was a single parent with big dreams and lots of ambition. Being a mom doesn’t mean you stop having dreams. For me, it made me work that much harder to prove to my kiddos that anything is possible. I sought out mentors and attached myself to them like glue or as we like to say in spanish, chicle! (Those are some funny stories I plan to share with you.) As a parent and business owner through my 30’s I needed help that sometimes I just could not readily find.


I was hungry for knowledge about so many things that I ended up just having to figure it out for myself and sometimes, I felt very alone. So like any good host, I decided to create a place where everyone could feel like they belong, enjoy visiting and always want to come back! And instead of literally feeding you like I would if you were sitting in my kitchen, my hopes are that I feed your soul each time you sit down to read what I share.  

My background consists of years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the image and beauty world, mother, televised beauty expert and mentor. But I honestly feel like I have a degree from the school of trial and error; majoring in perseverance. I am a risk taker and StyleWhirl, is my next chapter.

 Whether it be through fashion, home decor, business or lifestyle, I believe art extends to all facets of life and living it well. I also believe that by sharing, if only through experiences with others in person or online, I can help use my travels and stories with those who may be looking for new perspective and magic. 

 So get comfortable (like you just sat in your favorite chair with a book and coffee), look around, join in the conversation and enjoy the experience.

Because StyleWhirl is more than pretty things and entertainment. It’s also about community, educating yourself and DO-ing. I want to enlighten and enrich, but as I approach the 40th year of my life, I also want to be enlightened and discover new horizons.

If you’re here, it means you might kinda get me and you maybe even want to become better friends so don’t forget to join my circle and subscribe.

 Thank you for not only reading my story, but also being a part of it!



StyleWhirl is a global lifestyle blog comprised of tips, stories and visual artistic expression written and curated by its founder, Alicia Artista. Alicia is a Mexican- American makeup artist and hairstylist by trade. For full bio and events with Alicia go to