PORTRAITS: Favorite Moments from Annie Leibovitz’s New Book

When I learned that Annie Leibovitz was going to be doing a book tour stop at The Long Center in Austin, Texas, I instantly promised myself I would go.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end with me meeting Annie as I had planned. By the time this event came around I was working up in the East coast. Meeting Annie just wasn’t in the stars for me. So I did the next best thing, I gave the tickets to someone I knew would appreciate every “Annie moment” as I would, my blog contributing photographer, Sam Rodriguez.

Who better to take in Annie’s exclusive and never before published photographs and commentaries than another wide eyed photog?


So in his opinion and words, here are his favorite captures from Annie’s PORTRAITS that you are sure to appreciate and love.


Still jealous by the way!




Portraits! Portraits! Portraits!

She is most known for her iconic portrait work and in her latest book we see why. Her ability to capture the essence of the person she is photographing is evident throughout the book. (pictured here: Meryl Streep)


She Documents Our World

This book is a snapshot from the lens of one of the greatest photographers of our times. It isn’t blatantly obvious she’s documenting our world when you’re just flipping through the book, but when you sit down and take the time to really look and admire each photograph, the message becomes clear. In 50 years these will be some of the photos we use to describe this era. (pictured here: Anderson Cooper & Mother, Gloria Vanderbilt)


Her True Fashion Sense

She didn’t spend years shooting for Vanity Fair and Vogue because they liked her fashion sense (it’s proudly non existent), she shot for them because she has an innate ability to tell stories with her photos. Here is one image of Alexander McQueen’s final collection, captured in New York shortly after his death. (pictured here: Irina K. in A Noble Farewell tribute to the late Alexander McQueen for VOGUE)


Her Homage To Artists

A beautifully unique collection of images scattered throughout the book featuring artists working in their studios. In a lot of ways I believe these are some of her most powerful images because they show the world and lives of creatives in a way that the average person isn’t aware of. (pictured here: Sally Mann in her work space)



Relationship & Connection

Observing the images of Serena and Venus embracing you get a sense of the determination and sisterhood between them. Flip a page and then take a hard look at her image of the former mayor of New York, BLOOMBERG creator, Michael Bloomberg, in his bull pen instead of your typical private office. Her techniques include the use of environment when she is capturing the truth of a person. (Pictured here: Sisters, Serena & Venus Williams)

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