5 Beauty Tricks you Never Knew You Needed

There are the cosmetics you rely on day after day (tinted moisturizer, lengthening mascara, and tinted lip balm), the ones you save for special occasions (dark shadow, highlighter, super-plumping lip gloss). Then there are amazing services that can change your life; only you probably don’t even know they exist. Well…until now. From a ridge-filling nail polish to a face cream that uses snail goo as an anti-aging mechanism, here are five beauty products you never knew you needed.

Mess-Free Polish Remover

If you care for an easy, mess-free way to remove nail polish, you can try Bourjois’s Magic Nail Polish Remover. Boasting a nourishing formula, it cleans nails without needing tissue or cotton balls.

Compressed Towels

You never know when you might want a facial towel, especially when you’re traveling. The little jar contains six compressed towels that decompress with water at your convenience.

Fan Brush

Even though fan brushes tend to come in brush kits, they’re the ones that usually get left out. But there are a variety of uses for what seems like such an odd brush. Fan brushes can be used to apply highlighter, sweep away fallout, and even apply mascara.

Hydrating Stick

When we’re away from home and desperate for a quick-fix for dry skin, we have to admit we’ve been tempted to use our lip balm to soothe and remove the flakiness. But, all we need is Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic Wand. Formulated with propolis and avocado oil, this small and easy wand is ideal for on-the-go use to provide velvety softness to lips, face and any other spot that needs a touch of hydration.

Makeup Sponge

Still applying makeup with a brush? It’s time to try a sponge, like Sephora Collection’s The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge which provides the skin with a flawless finish. Very Easy to blend and offering a precise application for blending foundation, this sponge is bound to become your new go-to tool.


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